Uriage Cu-Zn Anti-irritation Cleansing Gel 200ml


  • Soothes irritation.
  • Purifies to limit bacterial proliferation.
  • Gently cleanses and respects the skin’s hydrolipid film.
  • Patented innovation: soothing TLR2-Regul complex specific to irritation triggered by micro-organisms.
  • Non-drying, extra-gentle cleansing base.
  • Unctuous foam, rinses easily.
  • High tolerance.
  • Clinically proven efficacy.
Instructions for use

Lather on damp skin and then rinse.
Avoid contact with the eyes.


Composition: Uriage Thermal Water – TLR2-Regul Complex – Copper and Zinc Gluconates – Soap-free gentle cleansing base.
Fragrance-free – Colorant-free – Preservative-free.
High Tolerance: Hypoallergenic.
Weight .1 kg